This is officially the least popular page of the site. But you need to pay attention to it, or the consequences could be dire... Well, to the extent that your message might not make it through.

No incriminating information
Don't post something that could get you or someone else into legal trouble.

Good - I went to the movies last night.
Bad - I killed my roomate and buried his body in a field last night.

No personal information
Don't post something that could easily be used to identify you.

Good - I have brown hair and live in Town City.
Bad - My name is Michelle Smith, and I live at 15 S Broadway, Town City.

No private information
Don't post something that violates your or someone else's privacy.

Good - My friend has a cell phone.
Bad - My friend's cell phone number is 555-874-3774.

No Spam
Don't post total crap.

Good - I hate going to family reunions.
Bad - 4747 fjdofdl I like pie!!!.

No Conversations
Don't try to carry on conversations with other posters. Each entry should be stand-alone. This is not the place for socializing. Go post at one of those forums for that, please.

Must be 18 or over
You must be at least 18 years of age to submit a message. By submitting a message, you certify that you are at least 18 years of age.

When you submit a message, it is added to a queue where it will receive a brief review to ensure that it conforms to these rules. A message is usually in the queue for a few hours at most. None of your personal information is gathered in this process.